What You Missed Last Month May Edition

posted in 3D Printing, manufacturing, medical devices by Kapstone Medical

Lots went on in the Medical Device, Manufacturing, and 3D Printing fields in the month of May. Luckily, we are here to keep you up-to-date. From 3D printing replacing injection molding to..

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29 Jun, 18

What You Missed Last Month April Edition

posted in 3D Printing, manufacturing, medical devices by Kapstone Medical

Along with springtime showers, April brought a lot of interesting news in Medical Device Manufacturing and 3D Printing. In case you missed it, here are a few highlights of what happened in the..

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31 May, 18

Systematic Review of 3D Printing in Spinal Surgery: The Current State of Play

posted in 3D Printing, Spinal Surgery by Kapstone Medical

3D printing, also known as “additive manufacturing”, is a growing industry, specifically in the spinal surgery area. The anatomy of the spine is complex, and the nature of the surrounding..

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20 Apr, 18

Fast 3D Printing of Living Cells While Maintaining Viability

posted in 3D Printing, Living Cells by Kapstone Medical

A major challenge to 3D printing living tissues is that many 3D printing techniques are based on using heat or ultraviolet light, which can damage or kill living cells.

To address this challenge,..

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17 Apr, 18

8 Trends For 3D Printing in Spine

posted in 3D Printing, spine by Kapstone Medical

According a systematic literature review in the Journal of Spine Surgery, the fast-growing 3D printing industry could lead to enhanced spine implants, decreased surgical time, and improved patient..

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06 Apr, 18

FDA Announces Updates to “Refuse to Accept Policy”

posted in FDA, medical devices by Kapstone Medical

7 questions to ask before submitting 501(k)

The FDA recently issued updates to its guidance for its “Refuse to Accept Policy for 510(k)s” for Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research-regulated..

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02 Apr, 18

What You Missed Last Month February Edition (3D Printing)

posted in 3D Printing, medical devices by Kapstone Medical

February was a lovely month and has passed quickly as we celebrated Valentine’s Day and continued to work hard on our New Year resolutions. In case you haven’t had the chance to catch up, here is..

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28 Mar, 18

Market Researchers See Double-digit Growth in 3D Medical Device Market

posted in 3D Printing, medical devices by Kapstone Medical

The global market for 3D printed medical devices is poised for rapid growth according to a new market research report by Transparency Market Research.

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16 Mar, 18

Using 3D Printed Parts To Make Low-cost Live-cell Imaging Microscope

posted in 3D Printing by Kapstone Medical

3D printing doesn’t always have to be used for new, high-tech applications such as printing tailor-made medical devices. Researchers at Uppsala University have used 3D printing to create an..

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07 Mar, 18

What You Missed Last Month January Edition (3D Printing & Cybersecurity)

posted in 3D Printing, cybersecurity, medical devices by Kapstone Medical

Lots has happened in the MedTech Industry in the beginning of the New Year! The FDA has made statements concerning the future of 3D printing in medicine as well as provided recommendations for..

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28 Feb, 18

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