5 Simple Steps to Intellectual Property Development

April 12, 2017 / by MedTech Momentum / 3 minute read

Most of us would love to continuously “be innovative” and create lots of intellectual property to create exponential value for our companies.  But saying that is a whole lot easier than doing it. As with anything, having a basic framework and process for creating an intellectual property (IP) pipeline is vital to getting where you want to go with your company. Much like the way Google Maps works, an Intellectual Property Development Process provides a sort of roadmap for generating value.

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Key to Creating Value from a Medical Device Idea

March 23, 2017 / by MedTech Momentum / 2 minute read

The Key to Creating Value from a Medical Device Idea? It’s YOU.

Most physician inventor entrepreneurs tend to be “idea people” and often their business experience is in practice management, while their intellectual property development experience is more limited. This often leads to a kind of paralysis as an “idea person” fears losing their idea by working with others with business development experience. By placing too high a priority on protecting and monetizing the idea too quickly, the entrepreneurs often stall out long before they can turn their idea into reality.

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What You Missed Last Month (February 2017 Edition)

March 15, 2017 / by MedTech Momentum / 1 minute read

February was a busy month for the MedTech world. From the FDA approval of a 3D printed cranial implant to the evolution of the Medical Device Industry in 2017, here is a quick recap of what you missed last month in the Medical Device Industry in February:

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What You Missed Last Month (August 2015 Edition –Medical Device & 3D Printing)

September 16, 2015 / by Kapstone Medical / 1 minute read

It’s back to school with Team Kapstone! In August, we picked up educational and inspirational stories in 3D printing, medical device, and orthopedics. Here’s your August “What You Missed” reading list - three articles to Inspire, Equip, and Guide you through the last month:

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How Intellectual Property Brings Value to an Inventor

December 22, 2014 / by Marc von Amsberg / 0 minute read

Surgeon inventors need to invest in intellectual property. The following dialogue outlines how a typical inventor works with engineering and IP to maximize return on investment. Read More...

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