4 Questions to Ask Before Submitting a 510(k)

November 12, 2020 / by Kapstone Medical / 2 minute read

So you’re an inventor who wants to develop a medical device and use the invention in practice. You know the FDA regulates medical devices, but that’s about as far as your knowledge takes you.

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What You Missed Last Month (October 2015 – Medical Devices & 3D Printing)

November 13, 2015 / by Kapstone Medical / 2 minute read

Happy November! Fall is finally here, and with the cascading leaves also descends a plethora of exciting developments emanating from the world of Medical Devices and 3D Printing!

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What You Missed Last Month (August 2015 Edition –Medical Device & 3D Printing)

September 16, 2015 / by Kapstone Medical / 1 minute read

It’s back to school with Team Kapstone! In August, we picked up educational and inspirational stories in 3D printing, medical device, and orthopedics. Here’s your August “What You Missed” reading list - three articles to Inspire, Equip, and Guide you through the last month:

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What You Missed Last Month (May 2015 Edition- Medical Device & 3D Printing)

June 10, 2015 / by Kapstone Medical / 3 minute read

Additive manufacturing, or 3D Printing, is dominating spring medical device industry headlines, and at halfway through the year, it’s slated to be on the Top 5 list of Kapstone Medical’s most inspiring and thought-provoking topics of 2015.

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What You Missed Last Month (Apr 2015 Edition)

May 2, 2015 / by Kapstone Medical / 2 minute read

It’s time to catch up, and Kapstone Medical is ready to equip and guide you through the month of April 2015 with some of the most interesting, engaging, and inspiring news from the FDA, biomedical, and 3D printing communities. Read on for what you may have missed last month:

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What You Missed Last Month (Jan 2015 Edition)

February 18, 2015 / by Kapstone Medical / 1 minute read

While you were busy drawing up your latest medical device invention during the month of January, here are a few interesting industry stories you may have missed:

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Three Considerations for 3D Printing of Medical Devices in 2015

January 12, 2015 / by Kapstone Medical / 1 minute read

In late October, Medical Innovations Labs of Austin, TX announced their new 3D printing hub. They plan to provide a hands-on lab environment for medical device inventors and clinicians to launch a new generation of innovation.

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How Intellectual Property Brings Value to an Inventor

December 22, 2014 / by Marc von Amsberg / 0 minute read

Surgeon inventors need to invest in intellectual property. The following dialogue outlines how a typical inventor works with engineering and IP to maximize return on investment. Read More...

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An Integrated vs. Piecemeal Approach to Product Development

December 4, 2014 / by Stuart Lindquist / 0 minute read

In this article, I’d like to focus on another important aspect of maximizing the value of your idea—the need to consider and integrate all aspects of product development from the very onset, regardless of how far you plan to go. Read More...

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Manufacturing at Home: Advancements in 3D Printing

November 20, 2014 / by John Kapitan / 0 minute read

No matter where you turn, you are bound to run into a news headline expounding on the wonders of 3D printing. From medical devices to guns and even to food, it seems that possibilities are endless and our appetites are growing for the technology. Read More...

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